Shipping Policy

10 Day Arrive Alive Guarantee

Return Policy:10 Days Guaranteed Living or Credit we'll be given! 

  • Our 10 day guarantee begins at time of delivery.
  • Local Pickups are NOT covered by our 10 day guarantee.
  • If you receive a DOA (Dead On Arrival) piece pictures must be taken and sent to us within the first 24 hours of receiving the shipment.
  • Proper acclimation procedures must be followed in order for us to cover any losses. 
  • Test your levels before buying corals! Make sure your tank is capable of keeping these corals alive. Our system is very low nitrates and phosphates, a huge spike could kill them. Tank problems are NOT covered by our guarantee.


Coral Acclimation Guide

Follow these easy steps for proper corals acclimation into your saltwater aquarium.

  1. Turn off the lights in your saltwater aquarium so it can slowly acclimate to your system lighting condition.Some of them slime during shipping. This is normal.
  2. Have the unopened bag float into the display or the quarantine tank for a good fifteen minutes. This way the temperature in your tank will match the temperature of the water in the bag where the specimen is and vice versa.
  3. Open the bag.
  4. Add about a cup of water from the aquarium to the bag where your corals are. We recommend always using coral dips. We double dip everything that goes into our tanks but can never be safe enough.
  5. Repeat the process every 5-10 minutes for about 1/2 an hour.
  6. Place them on the lower part of the aquarium leaving your lights off.
  7. Leave your them alone and the lights off for about 3 hours. Try not to get too anxious turning on the light and admiring your new addition to your saltwater aquarium.
  8. You will know that they already adjusted to the new environment when they appear fully expanded and shows full coloration.
  9. Now, you can move them to your desired location. Aquascape with these amazing creatures.
  10. Continue to monitor them when you move it to its new location. If they seem not to fully expand and there’s a decrease in coloration, try to move them again to a lower position in your aquarium.

Research for their lighting, water flow, nutrition requirements of the specific coral you have. Also find out about their aggression toward other inhabitant in your saltwater aquarium. There is a chance that your coral may get knocked over by snails, hermit crabs and other cleaners in your tank, try using an epoxy or gel glue that is safe to be used underwater.